John Salibello

“I buy what excites me; if I love something, I know my clients will be drawn to it as well.”

With showrooms in Manhattan, Bridgehampton and West Palm Beach, John Salibello is responsible for helping to establish Mid-Century Modern as a distinct trend in interior design.  His four showrooms are filled with an incredible selection of lighting, furniture and art pieces.  This inspiring assortment involves a commitment that only someone with a tireless passion could foster.

Early on in his career, John amassed a private collection of antiques through his constant travels. However, he ultimately found himself with no space left to house these treasures. It was at this point that he bought a charming old farmhouse on the main road in Bridgehampton and opened his first antiques showroom.

The success of the Bridgehampton showroom fueled his ambition to expand his business to Manhattan.  As he became increasingly attracted to the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, he began to relentlessly buy all he could find. Whether it was important design

or the extremely unusual, John would acquire as many pieces as possible in an effort to present the most eclectic collection he could imagine. Clients responded with an exceptionally strong attraction to his fantastic assortment and John soon found that his clientele had rapidly expanded to include many of the most prominent architects and designers around the world. This propelled John to expand his first shop on East 60th Street twice, eventually ending up with three locations on East 60th Street that comprise over 15,000 square feet brimming with the most dazzling period pieces.

His reputation for impeccable restoration, unmatched selection and outstanding customer service makes his showrooms a first stop for many. In addition to his vast collection, John offers interior design services for select clients who would like his expert guidance in designing their homes.

“I choose to focus on fine design that is unusual and extraordinary, whether it has a designer name or not. I buy with my emotions and I hope I can pass that passion along to my clients.”

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